Hoi An

From Hue, we travelled 100 km south to Hoi An. We’d read a lot about the stunning scenery on route and weren’t disappointed. By skipping a tunnel that passes through the hills, a windy road leads you to a view point where looking both South and North, you have great views of the sea, beaches […]


Due to the train being full apparently for the whole week, we took the quick and comfier option of flying to Hue. There was a bit of stress getting to the airport as we (Dean) had assumed that we could just ask reception to get a taxi for us in the morning when we wanted […]

Hanoi (Part 2)

After our trip to Halong Bay, we returned to Hanoi for 2 more nights. We arrived back late afternoon and after eating something, top of the to-do list was to try and get a stool outside the 5000dong (14p) beer place! Mission accomplished and it didn’t taste any worse than the 8000 dong beer! The […]

Halong Bay

Halong Bay is a Unesco world heritage site nearish Hanoi. We booked onto a two day trip, with one night staying on the boat. We boarded the boat just before lunch and were shown to our cabins which were set up just like a (very small) hotel room. The trip started with a set lunch […]

Hanoi (Part 1)

We had planned to get the train all the way up Vietnam, but on further investigation, the train times from Nha Trang were far from ideal so we booked a cheap flight straight to the capital Hanoi and will double back on ourselves to visit the stops we skipped over. Hanoi is HOT! Everywhere we’ve […]

Nha Trang

From Saigon, we spent 8 hours travelling north by train to get to the beach resort of Nha Trang. The train ride was definitely an experience. We paid for the most expensive option – soft seat with AC. The carriage was packed as it’s the start of holiday season and it also seemed that not […]

The Mekong Delta

We booked a day trip out of the city to visit the Mekong delta to the south of Saigon. We took a mini bus about 1.5 hours south of the city and caught a boat across to Ban Tre which is famous for the coconut candy it produces. There are apparently 22 types of coconut, […]

Ho Chi Minh

We flew from Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) on a nearly empty Qatar Airways flight that was continuing on to Doha. On arrival, there was a bit of confusion about the baggage belt to collect from – it was coming out on a different one than mentioned on the board. Once we’d found […]

Road Painting

In Ho Chi Minh, they don’t stop the traffic to paint the roads! Very quick though, 1 zebra crossing done while we had breakfast.