Top 5 of our round the world adventure

Since we’ve been back, a few people have asked about our favourite place on the trip so I thought I would sit down and reflect on our favourite places and experiences over the 24 weeks that we were away.

Hanoi (Part 2)

After our trip to Halong Bay, we returned to Hanoi for 2 more nights. We arrived back late afternoon and after eating something, top of the to-do list was to try and get a stool outside the 5000dong (14p) beer place! Mission accomplished and it didn’t taste any worse than the 8000 dong beer! The […]

Hanoi (Part 1)

We had planned to get the train all the way up Vietnam, but on further investigation, the train times from Nha Trang were far from ideal so we booked a cheap flight straight to the capital Hanoi and will double back on ourselves to visit the stops we skipped over. Hanoi is HOT! Everywhere we’ve […]