As we’d been to Sydney before and stayed in the centre, this time we decided to stay at Manly beach, a suburb across the harbour. After dropping the car off right in the centre of Sydney (and a missed turning that involved us having to drive across the harbour bridge twice) we caught the Manly […]

Road tripping from Melbourne to Sydney

Our first stop was only a couple of hours outside of Melbourne. Phillip Island is a small island connected by a bridge to the mainland. The place names seemed to have an Isle of Wight theme to them – we were staying in Cowes.


Our original travel plans didn’t include Oz, but upon looking at a map and realising that from Bali it was a mere 5 hour flight away and having a few friends there, we booked ourselves a little detour. We took our first flight on a Dreamliner with Jetstar which was a pretty ok experience, we […]