Our latest trip to Bali was for Dean’s company holiday. We are very lucky in that once a year they pay for accommodation for everyone and their families somewhere not far from Singapore and we just have to pay for the flights. This year the trip was 3 nights at the Sofitel Nusa Dua. I […]

As the end of my one year maternity leave loomed, the idea came to me that L and I should take a trip together just the two of us. As the time drew to an end, I was conscious of how lucky I was to have had the time with L and that it was […]

I have to admit, I was pretty surprised when we started looking into travel cots and realised that very few of them actually seem that suited to travelling with unless you are going by car. Quite a few people recommend the small pop up tents, but we were after a more traditional cot style. The […]

With an unusual baby free Sunday evening between Christmas and New Year, we found ourselves looking for a nice restaurant to make a last minute booking at. It turns out a lot of restaurants in Singapore are closed on a Sunday evening which was frustrating and after quite a bit of research, we came across […]

Having booked onto a safari during our trip to South Africa, I knew that I was going to want to come away with some pictures that I’d be able to treasure forever, either in an album, or to print out and hang on a wall in our future house. We’ve had our nikon d3100 DSLR […]

Drive out of Cape Town and it won’t be long until you find yourself in the picturesque Western Cape winelands. We were in town for a friend’s wedding and opted to stay at the Grande Roche hotel in Paarl. Lesser known perhaps than Stellenbosch and Franschoek, Paarl is spread out along a 13km main street, […]

As an avid follower of the Top 50 restaurants list each year (even though I disagree with quite a few of the rankings!), the Test Kitchen in Cape Town had been on my radar long before we planned our trip to South Africa. As is common for places on “the list”, reservations require some planning. […]

On our visit to Cape Town, a few people recommended that we stay in the Camps Bay area for its beautiful beach, bars and restaurants and as it is safe compared to some other areas in the city. The majority of accommodation in this area is luxury boutique hotels and guest houses. We chose to […]

Having booked a last minute trip to Edinburgh for Dean’s birthday, my thoughts quickly turned to a special restaurant for the occasion. After a quick google, it transpired that Edinburgh has four one Michelin star restaurants and the only one with availability was very conveniently Number One, attached to the hotel we had booked.

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